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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Council approval for my shed or garage??

This is a straightforward question but unfortunately it doesn’t have a simple answer. In short, every property in Australia is governed by their local council and each council has separate regulations.

THE GOOD NEWS, it sounds more scary than it is. Most councils will approve sheds of a reasonable size as long as you do the right thing and check with your Council first. We can assists you in dealing with your local Council to get your new garage or shed approved.

Do I need a Building Licence?

If your building project doesn’t fall under “exempt developments”, you will need to lodge a development application (DA) or a complying development certificate (CDC).

A DA or is a formal request to build your shed or building and it allows the council to determine whether your project will meet local and state building requirements. They take everying thing account such as the environmental impact, your neighbours or other nearby properties.

It may seem a hassle but its standard protocol and the more straight forward you request the better chance it will be approved fast.

For sheds or buildings larger than 6 meters or farm sheds you may require a licence or to hire a building company to construct it. The council will be able to advise you, whether or not your project falls into this category. Atlas Sheds can assist and advise you through this entire process.

What happens if I don’t obtain the relevant permits for my shed?

You could receive significant fines and even asked to remove the structure.

Do I need to use a registered builder?

You can either register as an owner-builder or hire a builder to construct your shed.

When hiring a builder, if the building work (including supply and installation) costs more than $10,000 you’re required to use a registered builder. You will also need to enter into a major domestic building contract with the registered practitioner.

Also, if the cost of the work exceeds $16,000 (this includes labour and materials) your builder is required to provide domestic building insurance.

What about if I am Owner Builder?

If you’re an owner builder you must adhere to obligations under the Building Act 1993 and Building Interim Regulations 2017. This relates particularly when selling your property. If the cost of the work exceeds $16,000 the owner-builder is also required to provide domestic building insurance.

The shed has been built. Now what?

You may need a certificate of final inspection from your Council. This’ll be indicated on your building inspection.